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Forest of Ombúes


Monte de Ombúes - Rocha

The largest concentration of Ombúes in the "Region Del Plata " is located on the shores of "Laguna de Castillos". The Forest of Ombúes extends for 20 km. The State is responsible to preserve and protect only a small part, the rest are in private fields and are maintained by their owners. In summer, they are daily excursions while in winter they are conducted only on the weekend.

This activity is ideal for the whole family. The tour takes as its starting point the bridge over the creek "Valizas", which connects the Castillos Laguna to the Atlantic Ocean. From there, several boats go in the day to The Forest of Ombues (minimum 6 passengers).

The "Laguna de Castillos" is a natural refuge for diverse animal species that are in the marsh vegetation and bush.

As soon as the trip started, you can observe along the shores, the "Ranchos de Pescadores" (fishermen's huts). After a few turns, enjoy pastures, groves of palm trees and Eucalyptus in the landscape. Crossing this area where the air is perfumed, you will likely observe wildlife consisting of Flamingo, gulls and other species of birds. In this area of the department of Rocha, it is possible to see most birds that inhabit the national territory.

Ombú comes from the Guarani "Umbu" which is a species native to Paraguay. After the conquest, the species has spread in the region of "La Plata". The fauna is characterized by the presence of foxes, skunks, weasels, wild cats, lizards and other species.

This expedition will take place in one of the largest private forests in the region.

Departure from Punta Del Este

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