Previous Next Uruguayans love sports! Here football is almost a religion. The major Montevideo clubs such as Peñarol and Nacional are the most famous. Experience the passion of the Uruguayans and attend a football match in the famous “Centenario” stadium, which hosted the first World Cup in 1939.Basketball, polo, horseback riding and golf are other … Read more


Previous Next Uruguay has nearly 600 kilometers of white sandy beaches spread over almost the entire Uruguayan coast. In the west of the country, you will find small beaches bordered by fresh water, which comes mainly from the Río Uruguay, Río de la Plata and Río Negro. They do really contrast with the beaches on … Read more

Precious stone mines

Previous Next You will have the opportunity to visit a semi-precious stone mine located in the northern part of the country, where geological formation of world-class purity and beauty are found. This exploration will allow you to visit the caves where amethysts, agate, and quartz are extracted and to understand their origin. At the end … Read more

Spa in the thermal springs

Previous Next Uruguay has an excellent network of natural thermal waters located in the northwestern region of the country near the Uruguay River. The main source of this water is Guarani: the world’s largest underground freshwater reserve extending across neighbouring countries. Its temperature averages 38 degrees and contains a large amount of sodium minerals. These … Read more

Art & Culture

Previous Next Immerse yourself in the heart of Gaucho culture and discover the major works of the great national artists who are part of the History of Uruguay. Over the years, the mix of indigenous and European cultures along with Christian traditions brought by the first immigrants has forged the identity of Uruguay. We offer … Read more

Experience the Gauchos’ Life

Previous Next Welcome to the world of gauchos! You will have the opportunity to stay in some of the different Estancias that exist in Uruguay. In a natural and relaxing setting, the Gauchos will show you how they live in the Uruguayan countryside. Program of the day: Tasting of the famous “Mate” (infusion made from … Read more

Wine tourism

Wine tourism Previous Next We open the doors of the most prestigious Uruguayan wineries to offer you an unforgettable sensory experience. Explore our excellent boutique wineries, visit our vineyards and the different Terroirs that give life to the best wines in Uruguay. This is a unique opportunity to get to know the traditional wine-growing family … Read more