Climate and Geography

The relief

The relief

Formed by lowlands and low plateaus, Uruguay has a temperate climate. Livestock (cattle and sheep), with the industries that depend on it (wool and skins, meat), is the main resource of the country, far ahead of crops (cereals, citrus fruits, sugar cane, rice, vegetables) and fishing. Hydroelectric potential is the only energy source.

Uruguay makes the transition between the Brazilian plateau and the Argentine Pampas .The meadow covers most of the country, helping to explain the importance of breeding. The coastline constitutes a low zone; there are many lagoons. Inland, a region of granite hills extends from Brazilian Rio Grande do Sul to Montevideo.

The climate

The climate is mild: the average winter is about 10 °C and the hottest month in Montevideo has an average of 22 °C. The rains are fairly evenly distributed over all seasons.

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