The Department of Florida in the Oriental Republic of Uruguay, whose capital bears the same name, is located in the center-south of the country, and is located just 96 kilometers from Montevideo. In Florida, known as the cradle of national independence, you can visit several historical points of the departmental capital such as Piedra Alta, next to the bridge of the same name and the city center, where the historical complex is located, highlighting the Basilica of the cathedral and the Virgen de los Treinta y Tres Orientales National Sanctuary, when you walk through this city you can enjoy the local culture.

The tradition of the inhabitants of Florida in Uruguay celebrates every June 3 the day of “San Cono”, considered a miraculous saint, and “saint of money”, it is a massive party to which people from all over the country come.

This department offers various tourist stays with a lot of history, natural parks such as the Manguera de la Tierra de los Artigas Park in Casupá, the Salto de Agua in Cerro Chato, and various natural places for ecotourism. Dare to discover it!


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