The asado

Meat is everywhere in Uruguay. One of the most popular ways to eat beef in Uruguay is the traditional asado. It is made with an assortment of different pieces of meat that are slowly roasted over the coals of the grill to the desired point.

The roast offers subtly scented meat thanks to the natural firewood used inside the grill. That is why in every corner, bars and restaurants are offered to you. Do not hesitate!

The mate

If, on the plate, meat is essential, Mate is the traditional drink that cannot be missing in any meeting among Uruguayans. At home, in the office, on the beach, on the street and even in stadiums, with thermoses under their arms, Uruguayans consume Mate at all times of the day!

For a traditional preparation it is necessary to fill the mate with two thirds of yerba. Then the bombilla is placed, which is a metal straw with the closed end in the shape of a spoon and perforated with holes, which is used to mix and drink. Then comes the final step which is to pour hot water and drink.

Chivito Uruguayo

The chivito

The famous Uruguayan Chivito is a hot sandwich with thin slices of filet mignon with mozzarella cheese and slices of tomato, well covered with white bread and brushed with mayonnaise. The “Canadian” variant, the Canadian chivito, is more caloric, with additions of bacon, olives and boiled eggs.

The dulce de leche

Dulce de leche (milk jam) is a sweet Uruguayan culinary specialty. It is a mixture of milk and sugar brought to a boil, then cooked over very low heat until thickened and obtaining a caramel color. Uruguay is certainly not the only country to produce this kind of sweetness, but the country produces one of the best versions of the world. It is enjoyed everywhere and at all times of the day, accompanying pastries to breakfast (bizcochos) and Uruguayan desserts, including alfajor.

Dulde de Leche

The alfajor

It is a very famous biscuit in South America. It consists of two cornstarch caps filled with a sweet filling (dulce de leche, chocolate mousse, most of the time) and can be covered with chocolate or icing sugar.