The department of Maldonado is located in the south-east of Uruguay on the fluvial and maritime coasts of the Río de la Plata and the Atlantic Ocean, its capital bears the same name, and it is close to the famous resort called Punta del Este.

In this region there are great tourist attractions such as the Piriápolis spa, the selective town of José Ignacio, the Punta del Este peninsula, Pueblo Edén, Pueblo Garzón, Aigua, Laguna del Sauce, Laguna Garzón, various natural parks such as Arboretum Lussich, Jagüel Park and Pueblo Gaucho among others.

Outstanding artists such as Raúl Sampayo, Sylvie Martinez, Pablo Atchugarry, Carlos Páez Vilaró, have their ateliers, choosing this apartment to live.

Art galleries show works by local artists that little by little are acquiring international relevance, this reflects that the artistic movement in Uruguay has a prominent role.

The terroir in Maldonado is optimal for olive production, and oenology. You can take the olive route, and/or the wine route, visiting outstanding wineries, and extra virgin olive oil producing establishments, which also offer delicious tastings, a first class gastronomy.

Dairy producers offer us the chance to visit their large dairy farms and small establishments, making exquisite tastings of dulce de leche and gourmet cheeses.

If you like horseback riding, you can visit these places in an unforgettable equestrian journey.

Punta del Este

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