Escudo de Montevideo


Montevideo is the department with the largest population in all of Uruguay, it has almost 1,400,000 inhabitants, it is the capital and administrative headquarters of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay. Geographically it is located facing the Río de la Plata, on the south coast of the country.

For lovers of architecture, there are a variety of architectural styles from the colonial era, neoclassical style, to a mixture of modernism and Art Deco.

The city offers various squares with games for children, green spaces and gardens such as the Japanese Garden, Botanical Garden, and Rosedales del Prado; a wide variety of museums, art galleries, theaters and churches.

Its beaches on the Río de la Plata are clean, picturesque, suitable for bathing and enjoying the sun. In different areas there are stations to practice sports, skate, soccer, basketball, being a very safe place to take walks on the coastal promenade, or in its parks, among which we highlight Parque Batlle, Parque Rivera, Parque Rodó, Prado.

Various shopping centers where you can shop, go to the movies or the theater, and find games for children. Traditional Typical markets such as Mercado del Puerto, Mercado Agrícola de Montevideo, Mercado de la Abundancia (where you can participate in tango classes), Mercado de los Artesanos, and different neighborhood fairs such as Tristán Narvaja, Villa Biarritz Fair, and Feria del Rodo Park.

Also in the neighborhoods of Montevideo between Friday and Sunday at sunset, you can hear the sound of drums, the population gathers to dance, accompany and participate in this spontaneous and popular meeting that characterizes the culture of Uruguayans.

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