The department of Rocha in the Oriental Republic of Uruguay is a place where the most beautiful landscapes are mixed with a captivating biodiversity that makes it the ideal place for ecotourism. A department chosen by lovers of nature and adventure, where you can carry out pre-established and personalized activities according to your personal tastes.

For those who love history, they will find in the Santa Teresa National Park, and in the San Miguel Fort, vestiges of the past that will transport them between history, vegetation, and the singing of hundreds of birds.

We must make an outstanding mention of the Cabo Polonio National Park and Protected Area, where a fishing village is located on the Atlantic Ocean, a place where there is no pollution because cars cannot circulate, it is accessed through authorized 4 x 4 vehicles , where there is no electricity or water, and its buildings called “ranches”, have been made by hand with natural and recycled materials.

Rocha, is characterized by having different seaside resorts on the Atlantic Ocean such as: La Paloma, La Pedrera, Punta del Diablo, La Coronilla, Barra del Chuy, and many more. Laguna de Rocha is part of the Protected Areas System, it is a protected landscape, was declared in 1977 Lacustrine National Park and UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.

It is a refuge for more than 220 species of birds, some of them threatened by possible extinction, flamingos, black-necked swans, and many more. As for the fauna in the surrounding fields and ravines we find otters, turtles, capybaras, river wolves, foxes, wild cats, rheas, mulitas and the Darwin toad, a globally threatened species.

But the richness of its biodiversity also continues in the Laguna Negra, Laguna de Castillos and Laguna Merín (the latter is shared with the department of Cerro Largo), these large expanses of fresh water make for a wonderful landscape, ideal for bird watching. birds.

The department is bordering with Santa Vitória do Palmar in Brazil, divided by just one street in the city of Chuy, making commercial activity in this town very important because there are Free Shops, duty-free zones for some imported products, which foreign tourists can buy.

Regarding agricultural activity, large rice producers have a prominent role. In addition, Rocha offers a great variety of tourist ranches where agricultural-livestock activity is carried out, being able to share the activities of the Uruguayan farmer called “gaucho”.

Cabo Polonio

La Paloma

La Pedrera

Punta del Diablo

Santa Teresa National Park

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