The department of Salto, is located on the coast of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay, it is part of the Painted Birds Corridor, which extends along the Uruguay River, its capital of the same name is located in front of the city of Concordia in Argentina, both cities united by the international bridge of Salto Grande.

An outstanding role is played by the Salto Grande Hydroelectric Dam, in 1946 a binational agreement was signed for the use of the rapids of the Uruguay River, an agreement signed by Uruguay and Argentina, an example of the union of both countries, inaugurated in 1979, is a generator of essential resources for the life of the region. The Hydroelectric Complex has very interesting guided tours, where he explains the operation and history of the place.

Salto is located 490 kilometers from Montevideo, and is famous for its hot springs resorts; Just 75 km from the capital of Salto is Arapey where, in addition to the hot springs, you will find a beautiful golf course, and 5* hotels with all-inclusive service.

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