San José

The department of San José is one of the 19 departments of Uruguay. Its capital is San José de Mayo. Located in the southwest of the country, it is characterized by agricultural-livestock activity, in this region the production of potatoes stands out, 60% of the national crops are concentrated in this region. It is also a member of the Cuenca Lechera, together with the departments of Florida, Canelones and Montevideo, concentrating 60% of all production in the country.

In the town of Mal Abrigo, you can live the experience of field activities, because there are some ranches, with full board service, where you can stay, go horseback riding through the Sierras de Mahoma, and participate in the activities carried out by our ” gaucho”.

On the shores of the Río de la Plata, there is the Kiyú spa, which means “cricket”, a name given by the indigenous ancestors who inhabited the place, here you can enjoy calm waters, and its enormous ravines, part of the Barrancas de San Juan geological formation. Gregorio, with heights that reach fifty meters. Also at the mouth of the Cubre stream with the Río de la Plata we find the Boca de Cufré spa.

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