Combination Uruguay and Buenos Aires


We offer a 19 days tour, 100% customizable, from the Argentine capital Buenos Aires, to the Uruguayan plains inhabited by the Gauchos, via the coast and its long natural beaches.
A tour combining History, culture, authenticity and human encounter for an unforgettable stay.


19 days


Rental vehicle


3 and 4* hotels


English-speaking guide

Recommended months

November to March

Day 1

Arrival in Buenos Aires

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by your driver who will drive you to your hotel in the heart of Buenos Aires. You will then have free time to stroll through the streets of Buenos Aires and capture the unique atmosphere of the famous Argentine capital.

Accommodation in a 3* hotel in Buenos Aires with breakfast included.

Day 2

Discovering the Argentine capital

Visit of the city of Buenos Aires with a driver and a guide. You will discover the most emblematic places of the capital, from the Presidential Palace to the colorful houses of the Boca and the famous cemetery of the Recoleta.

Accommodation in 3* hotel in Buenos Aires with breakfast included.

Day 3

Visit of the Tiger Delta

We offer you an excursion to Tigre accompanied by a guide. During this day you will live as a real porteno. On board a small train you will make a first stopover in Olivos, visit the San Isidro district. The second stopover in Tigre, you will discover the Puerto de Frutas, a picturesque craft market.


You will embark on a lancha for 1 hour and during the walk, you will admire the many houses on stilts typical of Tigre. From the small, well-preserved family cabin to the imposing colonial property, there is something for everyone.
Lunch included. The guide will then escort you back to your hotel.

Accommodation in 3* hotel in Buenos Aires with breakfast included.

Day 4

Direction Colonia del Sacramento

Departing Uruguay, you will take the ferry at the port of Buenos Aires and arrive in the charming city of Colonia Del Sacramento. You will be transferred to your hotel. We offer you a guided walking tour of Colonia. This UNESCO World Heritage City is a great place to go for a walk and relax.

Accommodation in 4* Posada with breakfast included.

Day 5

Along the Río Uruguay

You will then head north and follow the Rio Uruguay route. Stop over in the charming city of Carmelo. Known for its white sandy beaches, its tranquility but also its Bodegas. The Carmelo region is home to some famous Bodegas that are not to be missed. We offer you a wine tasting and lunch in one of the most famous.

You will continue your journey along the river to Mercedes. Stroll through the city and discover its many architectural styles, stroll along its rambla and stroll along the banks of the Rio River enjoying the view.

Accommodation in a 3* hotel in Mercedes with breakfast included.

Day 6

In the direction of Paysandú

On the way to Paysandú make a stop in the town of Fray Bentos. Visit the former industrial district of Anglo, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in July 2015. The “Frigorifico l’Anglo” was one of Uruguay’s main agri-food factories in the 20th century. It was in this factory that corned beef was made.

Once in Paysandú, we invite you to discover the city and its main tourist attractions: the thermal springs. In the surroundings of Paysandú, discover the pretty waterfall of Queguay, walk in the forest Rincon of Perez and visit the Cueva del Tigre cave. It is inhabited by vampire bats.

Accommodation in a 3* hotel in Paysandú with breakfast included.

Day 7

Visit of Tacuarembó: the open-air museum

As you walk through the streets of Tacuarembó, you will see sculptures and murals in the open air. This city is famous for being a real open-air museum. Open your eyes wide as you walk through the streets of the city, you will see all his works.


A little further south, Pasos de los Toros preserves the natural charm of the old Hum des Charrúas river. The Rincón del Bonete dam, with its immense lake, is an ideal destination for relaxation. It has several beaches frequented by fishermen and water sports enthusiasts.

Accommodation in a 3* hotel with breakfast included

Day 8

In the heart of Uruguayan countryside in Treinta y Tres

From Tacuarembó you will reach the department of Trenta y Tres up to a charming estancia. You will be accommodated in full board and will enjoy the calm of the place as well as the activities at your disposal. You can hike, ride and participate in your hosts’ daily tasks if you wish.

Accommodation and full board stay in a rural estancia

Day 9

In the vicinity of Treinta y Tres

In the vicinity of Treinta y Tres, there is the country’s first national protected area, the Quebrada de los Cuervos. It’s up to you to enjoy the hikes and natural landscapes as far as the eye can see. We also invite you to discover Laguna Merín, one of Uruguay’s largest freshwater reserves and one of its main ecological treasures.

Accommodation and full board stay in a rural estancia.

Day 10

Let's head to the Atlantic Coast

On the way to the fishing village of Punta del Diablo. This delightful village is a haven of peace that invites you to relax by the water. The beaches are frequented by tourists in summer (January – February), surfers and water sports enthusiasts of all kinds flock to enjoy its sumptuous beaches.

Accommodation in a 4* hotel with sea view and breakfast included.

Day 11

Visit of Santa Teresa National Park

A few kilometres from Punta del Diablo, discover the Santa Teresa National Park. The reserve has more than 3000 hectares distributed among beaches, pine forests and native vegetation. You will see native animals. Don’t miss them, the flower park, the aviary and especially its fortress. Also discover its immense white sandy beaches.

Accommodation in a 4* hotel with sea view and breakfast included.

Day 12

Cape on Cabo Polonio

Discover Cabo Polonio. It is an ecological reserve located in the department of Rocha. This small peninsula, where about 50 people live all year round, is the largest sea lion reserve in South America. Climb up to the top of the lighthouse and enjoy the ocean view, with a little luck you will observe whales or killer whales (August to October)

Accommodation in a 3* hotel in La Pedrera with breakfast included.

Day 13

On the way to the most chic beaches of the coast

In the morning, take a walk in the Pedrera and enjoy the beach in complete tranquility. You will drive to Punta del Este. On the way we invite you to stop at Jose Ignacio and have lunch by the beach. This small fishing village is considered a mini “Saint Tropez latino” during the high season.

You will take the road again towards Punta del Este and discover the famous peninsula so appreciated by international tourists. This city offers a wide range of restaurants and activities for the whole family. In the Punta del Este region there are famous Bodegas, we invite you to enjoy a wine tasting in a typical bodega near the lagoon del Sauce.

Accommodation in a 3* hotel in Punta Del Este with breakfast included.

Day 14

Walk around Punta del Este

We invite you to visit the Minas region at 1 hour by car from Punta del Este.  The region is characterized by a landscape of rolling hills. Discover its thick vegetation and native animals. Climb to the top of Cerro Artigas, you will find yourself face-to-face with the monument of the Uruguayan general Artigas. You will then enjoy a breathtaking view of the valley.


On the way back to Punta del Este make a slight detour to Piriápolis. Its waterfront is magnificent, take advantage of its rambla to walk along the waterfront to its marina. You can also climb to the top of Cerro San Antonio and have a panoramic view of the entire bay. The effort is worth it.


Back in Punta del Este, go to the port for an original excursion. Get on a small boat and head for Sea Lions Island. This islet is home to a colony of 250,000 mammals that live there all year round far from any predators. If the sea allows it and with the captain’s agreement, jump into the water and swim with the sea lions. An unforgettable experience for the whole family. 

Accommodation in a 3* hotel in Punta del Este with breakfast included.

Day 15

Day at leisure in Punta del Este

Day at leisure to enjoy Punta del Este. Discover the different beaches of the peninsula, eat in one of the many restaurants in the area and stroll along the main street (Gorlero) to buy some souvenirs. Eat ice cream on the harbour and greet the sea lions who enjoy the sun on the docks.

Accommodation in a 3* hotel in Punta del Este with breakfast included.

Day 16

Back to the capital

To the capital, Montevideo. We invite you to visit the capital with a private driver and a French-speaking guide.  You will visit the most famous places in Montevideo from the old town to the Carrasco district via Pocitos and its marina.

Accommodation in a 4* hotel in Montevideo with breakfast included.

Day 17

Wine tasting in a Bodega

30 kilometres north of Montevideo are the most famous Bodegas of Uruguay. We invite you to visit a family and typical vineyard. You will taste a selection of the estate’s best wines and enjoy a gourmet lunch in the Bodega, facing the vines.

Accommodation in a 4* hotel in a double room with breakfast included

Day 18

Day at leisure in Montevideo

For your last day in Uruguay, you will have complete freedom on your program. You can enjoy this free time to return to the places you preferred, stroll on the rambla or simply enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the capital on a terrace. 

Accommodation in 4* hotel in Montevideo with breakfast included.

Day 19

Departure from Montevideo

You will drop off your rental car at Montevideo airport before boarding for a new destination.

Our favorites

  • Discover the famous neighborhoods of Buenos Aires with a passionate guide
  • The beautiful houses on stilts of the Tigre Delta
  • Meeting with the inhabitants of Estancia in San José
  • The murals in the city of Tacuarembó
  • Day to relax and take the view at the Quebrada de los Cuervos in Treinta y Tres
  • Relaxation on the divine beaches of Rocha

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